How To Install LED Neon Lights?


When you hear the term neon light, you come across what is LED neon light. Well, a neon LED light is a light used for producing art LED lighting that gives you the effect of neon.
You will be amazed to see the flexibility of this light. As a result, it is simple to install at the corners and edges of walls; ceilings, roofs; and so on.
Most importantly, you can cut the LED neon lights to whatever length you require, making them adjustable to various sizes. Your room appears beautiful and colorful with the installation of neon lighting. Let’s read about how to install LED neon lights.

The working of LED neon lighting


Now, if you were wondering how the neon LED works, you have a very simple understanding. It works by using the fluorescent properties of neon gas. It then produces power that will light up.
Along with neon, the makers of such lights also include semiconductors. These semiconductors allow the lights to save energy. Most of the time, you will find 12v LED neon lights. However, you can get the LED neon light in different voltages and power ratings. A LED neon light has a long lifespan and produces a bright light. Usually, it can run for more than 10,000 hours.

The benefits of using LED neon lights


  • Quality of light

The quality of the LED neon light is amazing. That is because it produces a high intensity of vibrant light. It adds style to your home. You will feel the charm of decorating your home with these beautifully colored LED neon lights.
With the availability of too many colors, you can theme your room with LED neon lights. Similarly, the addition of lights will completely change the outlook of your place. It makes your workplace more trendy and attractive. So go with the trend by adding these colors to your room.

  • Lifespan

The lifespan of LED neon lights is much greater than that of normal tube lights. That is because the makers have designed these with the latest technology. Furthermore, it depends on your usage.
The life of neon light is proportional to its usage. When you use it for a long time, it will fuse off quickly. But if you rarely use it, then it will last for a very long time.

  • Environmental impact

As you understand now, the LED neon light consumes very little energy. The neon LED light glows because of the flow of neon gas. Similarly, it produces a glowing light when you power on these LED neon lights.
If you compare it with white light bulbs, the neon LED light uses less than half of its energy. With less energy, you don’t have to replace it frequently.

  • Versatility

Various sizes and shapes allow you to decorate the room with LED neon lights. Whatever style you want, just place the order for that specific design. Diversify the colors of your place with numerous color schemes. Get the funky colors of the LED neon light to add attraction to your location.
You can get a variety of sizes and styles of such LED neon lights. Hence, it makes it easier for you to decorate your room according to the space available for the LED neon light. So, make sure to get a suitable design and color of neon light for your place. In addition, DIY LED neon lights are also a trendy choice.

  • Decoration

A visitor who comes to your house will be fascinated by the glowing neon LED light. As such, the LED neon lights are so eye-catching. Some people use the lights purposely for people to pay attention to a specific region. Not only is the use of neon LED lights restricted to house use, but also diversified to commercial.
Many businesses use LED neon lights to attract customers’ attention when they visit their shops. Hence, potential customers certainly pay a visit to their shop. It helps them gain more customers. So, it serves as an excellent source for advertising businesses.

  • Style

These LED neon lights add style to your house. Either use string, rope, or strip lights to add a new style to the corner of your house. Use different colors to highlight the specific areas of your home. Instead of using so many decorative pieces to do the decoration, use neon LED lights.

  • Flexibility

Because the neon LED light is made of neon gas, it is lightweight. Hence, you can easily bend and style the shape of lights wherever you desire.

  • Price

The price range of neon LED lights is very economical. You can gain so many benefits through these lights at such a low price.

The installation of LED neon lights


Use neon LED lights to make your room artistic by blending light colors. The vibrant and bright colors always fascinate you. Similarly, it has now become a trend to install LED neon lights.
The neon light LED has replaced the other LED-colored lights. The application of such LED neon lights is not only restricted to your house; you can install them in cafes, shops, malls, etc.
Although you might have seen the usage of LED neon lights in everyday life, keep in mind that the LED neon light should be installed near a switchboard. But do you know how to install such an LED neon light? If not, let’s get into the details of the installation of neon LED lights.
The neon LED light can be installed in a variety of locations. Before practical installation, map out the plan of the installation. Grab a pencil, measuring tape, neon LED light, a drill machine, screws, and wire strippers.

1. Location for the LED neon light

Plan the location where you want to do the installation of the neon light LED. It could be on the ceiling of the room, the walls, around your cupboards, or on your bed. Or you can use the neon signs.
Make sure you select a plain and even surface. Avoid bumpy surfaces, as you won’t be able to fix the LED neon light on such surfaces.

2. Mark the location

With the help of a pencil, mark the exact spots where you want to install a neon light LED.

3. Outline the marks

With the help of clippers, fix these on the spots you have marked.

4. Anchors for support

You need to install the anchors on the walls. It provides additional support for the neon LED light. Even it prevents the lights from falling. Use a power driller to drill the holes at the exact location quickly. Also, tighten the screws on all of those marks.

5. Drilling the holes

Drilling is the final step for marking up the exact location where you are installing the LED neon light.

6. Attach the LED neon light to the wall

Insert the strand of neon light into the drilled screws. You can cut the LED neon light’s excess wire with clippers’ help. Make sure the light is tight. It shouldn’t be loose.

7. Power supply

You should keep in mind that you should install the lights where a power supply is nearby.

8. Power on

Enjoy the beautifully decorated space with neon lights.

Preventive tips for installation

Make sure you drill the holes to the exact size of the LED neon light. Also, keep the screws from being too loose or too tight. This is because loose screws won’t hold the lights longer on the walls. Similarly, a tight screw might damage the neon light.


The use of LED neon lights has become a trend for people. The installation of the neon LED light is effortless. No hard and fast rules are applied for fixing the neon LED light. You have to make the best estimation and planning as to where to install these lights. After that, you can easily install them wherever you want.

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