Magnetic Track Lighting

As a new type of lighting system, the magnetic track lighting system has become an excellent choice for many homes and office lighting. The magnetic track lighting system can not only adapt to multiple lighting methods but also has a fashionable and simple shape and a strong sense of technology, which can meet many creative DIY lighting ideas. Following are the tips that you should follow to choose a magnetic track lighting system.

Magnetic track lights

LED magnetic spotlights

LED magnetic spotlights have a relatively small range of beam angles and can be used to illuminate a particular place or object visibly. LED magnetic spotlights are usually suitable for using in statues, planting flowers, art, and specific areas to adorn accent lighting. 

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LED magnetic pendant spot lights

Generally, the LED magnetic pendant lights are used as spotlights in places where accent lighting is required. And this magnetic pendant light will only take up a little space for you. They are particularly suitable for accent lighting in places such as art galleries.

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LED magnetic linear grille lights

A magnetic linear grille light is 20-40 degrees in the light beam range. Compared with magnetic spotlights, its light effect will be a little softer. This LED magnetic track lighting gives a strong visual impact to the object but does not obscure the lines and textures of the object being illuminated.

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Adjustable LED magnetic linear grille lights

This is a particular type of LED magnetic linear grille light. It is adjustable, which means this kind of LED magnetic track light can be adjusted freely (without tools). It can also be folded within 90 degrees on each side.

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LED magnetic floodlights

The LED magnetic floodlight is more than 50 degrees wide angle beam range and belongs to the floodlight source. The scattering light range is extensive, can not focus on a single object, and is often mixed with the background and light source; more belongs to the environment to create a light source and can not guide the visual focus.

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Magnetic track lights customization

In addition to offering the above types of magnetic LED track lighting, we also provide a custom service from designs.
Customized logo(Min. Order 1 piece)
Customized packaging(Min. Order 1 piece)
Graphic customization(Min. Order 1 piece)

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Magnetic track rail

Suspension mounting magnetic track rail

Suspension magnetic track light installation is usually used for places unsuitable for making plasterboards, such as dining rooms, offices, etc. The suspension magnetic track lighting is popular among young people because it can be adjusted in height to suit different scenes.

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Surface mounted magnetic track rail

The surface mount magnetic track lighting is easy to install without any exposure. These are used primarily in places that don’t lend themselves to making plasterboard.

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Flush mounting magnetic track rail A

Recessed interior installation.

Recessed magnetic track lighting can be used in new buildings. This is suitable for homes with no suspended ceilings. Make grooves and pre-install tracks before pressing them to the roof.

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Flush mounted magnetic track rail B

Recessed external installation.

Recessed magnetic track lighting is the best way to install magnetic track lights. Attach the track to the base by drilling a hole at the spot where you want the lamp to be installed. Because it is simple and easy, this installation is excellent for new buildings.

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Magnetic track rail for stretch ceiling

Magnetic track rail for stretch ceiling is available in black or white for recessed installation. It is available with a soft film edge made of PC or TEXTILE, which have excellent insulating properties and can ensure safety.

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Four-wires LED track rail

Unlike the normal four-wire LED track rail, this track light has magnets on it and iron pieces inside the rail. And there are snap bits on the light too. With both magnets and snaps, it gives you double insurance and more safety. And you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Certificate: CE, ROHS, TUV, ENEC

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Magnetic Track Lighting Accessories

It is crucial that you have the right magnetic track lighting accessories that match the specifications of your magnetic track lighting to make sure that they work correctly.


Track power collector


Straight current collector

Corner current collector


Right-angle connector


Inner corner connector

Outer corner connector


Flush mounted accessories


Surface mounted accessories


Suspending mounting accessories

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