Good Quality Low Voltage Dc48v 3phases 4 Wires Magnet Rail Ceiling Recessed Led Magnetic Running Track Light

Product Features:

1. Using imported LED, high light efficiency, long life, good color consistency;

2. Anti-glare cutoff angle, can play a good anti-glare effect;

3. The lenses with different angles can be replaced, and LEDs with different color temperatures can be customized;

4. Aluminum radiator, surface powder spraying, which combines heat conduction, air convection and heat radiation to effectively extend LED life;

5. The lamp is small and exquisite, adopts the magnetic suction installation method, and comes with a buckle, which is simple, convenient and safe to install;

6. Multiple LED combined projection can combine linear light effect, suitable for large-scale engineering shape lighting;

7. Different intelligent dimming methods can be selected: 0-10V dimming and DALIN dimming.