Top 10 Living Room Track Lighting Ideas


Track lights have become a popular choice when you go for lighting options. The living room is the central place of any house. When you want lighting solutions for your living room, go through the living room track lighting ideas. The ideas include a complete guide to select the lights according to your needs and requirements. Read this blog ahead for the best ideas.

Why choose track lighting living room?

living room track lighting ideas

The living room is the most important portion of your house. Families spend most of the time together to chat, sit, and enjoy. The lighting type and intensity should not make the room appear dull.
Remember, the options for lighting should not just illuminate the room but also create an excellent ambiance for the place. The track lighting for living rooms enable you to select the best lighting systems. It would brighten the look of the interior.
The interior of the room is not only an addition of decorative tools but something different than this. A colorful track light bulb could enhance creativity in the living area. Or a different fixture and track rail could add newness to the design. The living room track lighting ideas inspire and guide you to become creative in the lighting field.

Top 10 living room track lighting ideas

The following are the top 10 ideas for track lights that you can adopt.

1. Fixed track lighting

You should get the best track lighting ideas for living rooms. Thus, it is the fixed track lighting that comes with excellent illumination. The fixed track lighting provides focused and pointed light in the room. You have to be installed it in the ceiling to brighten the room.
Also, you don’t have to worry about the movement of light along its track rail. You can change the angle of light direction as per your requirement.

2. Swing arm track light

The swing arm track light is a source of innovation to the living room where you install it. Do adopt the Living room track lighting ideas that can make the overall interior smart and elegant. Thus, whenever you feel like changing the old lighting of the room, do seek the designs in the swing arm track lights.
This living room track lighting comes with a series of bulbs that hang up the swing-shaped arm. Sometimes the track light comes in bronze material. Bronze further adds a classy look to the entire room.

magnetic track lighting system

This track lighting idea for the living room includes magnetic track lighting. The magnetic track lights can fit into a magnetic fixture. Similarly, this type of light has a moveable feature. Also, users can replace the track lighting bulb with the help of adjustable features.
You can fit it in any shape you like according to the living room’s ceiling, like, square, rectangular, L, and U. These particular track lights for living rooms prevent electrical hazards. Hence very safe to use. It allows you to add or subtract the number of track light bulbs you can install.

4. Monorail lighting for an aesthetic look

This type of light has different shapes. It is a popular lighting idea because you can customize it into various colors and shapes. Hence it adds an element of a new look to the living room. You can alter the direction of bulbs. These have the advantage of operating at lower voltages also.

5. Straight track lighting

Sometimes, you want to go along the symmetry of the living room. To make the lighting type match the smooth and sleek design, go for the straight track light ideas. The rail track of the light is straight and hence fits along the wall ceiling very nicely. Therefore, the linear ceiling track lighting living room illuminates the room with high intensity of brightness.

6. Hanging track lights with pendants

led magnetic spotlight

The track lighting ideas for living rooms include hanging track lights. For the best interior decoration, these lightings add a beautiful look. Choose the track lights with a pendant to make your living room appear stylish and decorative. Similarly, the light fulfills illumination requirements and serves a decorative look for your living room.
This modern track lighting living room looks impressive, with a pendant hanging from the ceiling. You can also install it in areas where a concentration of light is required. Furthermore, you will get a variety of designs for these lights. It can get fixed in smaller spaces.

7. Recessed track lights

recessed magnetic track lighting

The next idea for track lighting ideas for living rooms is the recessed track lights. If your living area is small, you might need more space for installing mounted railings for light. To get the lights according to your requirement, you can opt for the recessed track lights. This particular light doesn’t need a mounted railing for the light; instead, you can fix it in the ceiling.
Hence, the recessed light saves space on the ceiling. Moreover, this modern track lighting for living rooms gives the room a sleek look. The feature of recessed track light allows you to install the light within the ceiling.

8. Lights for highlighting frames

Sometimes, living room track lighting ideas are not just for illumination. Rather, it is to highlight some corners of the living area.
For example, some frames, paintings, or artwork requires nice showcasing. Installing lights that face up to the object can make it prominent. You can choose different kinds of track light bulbs for the track lighting of the living room.

9. Display lighting for the fireplace

The fireplace is common in every household. Therefore, track lighting ideas for living rooms include lighting for the fireplace. To make it cozier, you can install warm lighting for track lights. Hence, it will enhance the coziness of the living room.

10. Brighten the dark spaces

For instance, your living area includes a small gallery that needs proper illumination. To make the area bright, select something that could add attractiveness. The track lighting in living rooms works best. Moreover, you can choose colored lights to give the space a fascinating look.


With the best living room track lighting ideas, you can change the entire makeover of the living room. To conclude, the track light ideas make you think of lighting solutions according to requirements.

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