The Full Guide to Magnetic Track Lighting System


Most of our readers may have heard about the magnetic track lighting system for the first time in their lives, but they are already using it daily. Today, in this post, we will discuss it. Magnetic LED track lighting is a modern system used in different styles, including horizontal and vertical. It can be used on ceilings and even for DIY lighting ideas. It is also used as a decorative piece in commercial and residential areas. This lighting also offers a new and decorative look to the existing areas. So, if you want to purchase or give a new look to your location with lighting, then the post benefits you. So, let’s have a detailed overview of the post below.

What is magnetic track lighting?

Before proceeding to the topic, you should have an idea about the magnetic track lighting. It is a light, a light fixture, which is all operated by the magnet on the light fixture. The track is all made with the help of a copper conductor, iron sheet, and aluminum. No tools are required when the luminaire is near the iron sheet. This is because LED lights are held in place by magnetic force along the entire track. They can be plugged in and used easily to meet various design requirements. Multiple parts of the magnetic LED track lighting give it an L shape, U shape, square, or rectangular shape. This modern magnetic track lighting is ideal for high-end commercial or residential projects. Particularly suitable in environments such as retail stores, art galleries, and workplaces.

What are the different uses of magnetic track lighting?

We hope that you have all understood all about magnetic track lighting; now is when you need to have an idea about the uses of magnetic LED track lighting. The LED magnetic track light is all used in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Many designs and variations are available in the magnetic LED track lighting, giving an appealing look to the particular area. Besides this, the magnetic LED track lighting system is also used in offices and other commercial sectors, including supermarkets.

What are the different components of magnetic track lighting systems?

The complete structure of the track light magnetic is all made with the help of three parts: magnetic lighting, magnetic rails, fixture, and other accessories. Each of the magnetic track lighting parts has its features and capabilities. So, let’s understand each of its components in detail.

Magnetic track rails

The magnetic track rails are divided into two parts, which are 35mm in width and 20mm in width. The width of the two-track strips depends upon the magnetic lamp track head. It means that a 20mm wide track is made to get installed along with the lamps, and 35mm wide magnetic track rails are also made for the same purpose. You can easily get 15mm of magnetic track rail in the market. The installation uses recessed magnetic track lighting, surface mount magnetic track light, and suspension installation.

Magnetic track lights

The main magnetic lamps are linear floodlights, adjustable folding spotlights, pendant lights, and many more components. The luminaire is made with a modern design, which can be easily adjusted, removed, or moved from one place to the other.

Different accessories for the magnetic track lighting

Accessories are the major part of the magnetic track lighting system, and these are the things that let the magnetic lights get operate easily. The different accessories related to magnetic track lighting are input cables, L shape connectors, adapters, external power supplies, and many more.

Why choose Magnetic Track Lighting System?

The working of the magnetic LED track lighting depends upon the types of tools that fix the whole components of the lighting. The tools are the ones that make the lights more accessible and convenient to use. The clip-on magnet, present within the magnetic track lighting, makes it easy to get mounted even on the wall.
Most users use magnetic LED track lighting in their retail stores to give a unique lighting effect to their stores. They also have a steel channel easily fixed within the wall. With time, the magnetic LED track lighting trend is increasing daily. People have started using linear fixing lights indoors to give a fantastic look to their area.
While combining magnetic track lighting with the track system, one can give a new decorative look to a particular place.
The magnetic LED track lighting is also used for the past few years to make the lights work correctly. It is also used for the light to stay in a particular place and ensure it stays in the correct position.

Magnetic track lighting: decoration new fashion, no main lamp lighting design

The simple design without a frame outlines the beauty of space lines and interprets the art space of light and shadow.

Seven advantages:

1. A variety of lamp styles can be free combinations.
2. Magnetic track lamps can be flexible and adjust position.
3. The light source has good color rendering and can fully restore the details of the spatial level.
4. The magnetic lamp has a safety lock and a stable double guarantee.
5. The track is equipped with magnet adsorption. Safe, stable, and easy disassembly and assembly.
6. The track has a low voltage safety guarantee and no risk of direct touch.
7. A mobile APP can remotely control the dimming, or voice control can be realized by connecting intelligent devices. Through the switch control, adjust the cold&warm and dark&bright lights, and add atmosphere sense in furniture, restaurant, shopping mall, etc.

How to choose a Magnetic Track Lighting System?

You can find multiple types of magnetic track lighting manufacturers on the internet, making you face problems choosing the right one. But you do not get worried as here we are going to share all those ways which will ease you in selecting the best led magnetic track light. So, let’s have a look below and reduce your purchase right now.
When choosing the magnetic track lighting system, you should ensure that it must be easy to install, compatible with multiple lighting systems, and has all the accessories.

Check for the spacing of the area

The biggest thing you should notice is the pieces you want to add to your magnetic lighting system. Make sure that you should have a space attached to it. The spacing is the only thing that will ease the installation process.
It does not matter whether you are looking to purchase a magnetic LED track lighting system for your personal or commercial use; you must keep the design of your indoors in your mind. Moreover, it would be best if you balanced the spaces between the other lights option as it can harm the decoration of your room.
You should make sure that there must be space of around 5 inches in between the lights. Besides this, you should pay attention to the furniture and upholstery.

Learn about the energy consumption

Whether you purchase modern magnetic track lighting or any other lighting option, you must focus on checking for energy consumption. Energy consumption is the thing that impacts your electricity bills; it is very much essential to check for you when you are going to use the magnetic LED track lighting for a longer time. When you choose magnetic track lighting with low energy consumption, you can make your lights run for a longer time.

Check for the bulb type

There are multiple options for the bulbs available in the magnetic track lighting system. LED lights are one of the best and the most convenient type of bulb types that you can choose. You can also check for the fixture as it will improve productivity and offers low maintenance.

Focus on the height of the room

The next thing that you should consider in your mind is to focus on the height of the room where you want to install the magnetic track lighting system. It would help if you kept the thing in your mind that the magnetic track light emits light from a certain height. So, you should ensure not to install the lights on the ceiling fans with excessive lights.
You can install the lights from a height of around 7 feet if you are choosing lighting with a smaller size. Whereas if you select larger lights, you can install them at 10 to 12 feet.

Learn about the remote options

Though this is not as important, when you want to automate the whole process, you can consider this thing in your mind. With the help of your remote control, you can switch it on and off from anywhere you want. This feature makes it easier to adjust brightness and improve its functionality.

Pay attention to the circuit option

With the help of the circuit option, you can easily turn off your magnetic track lights on and off. You can choose a serial or parallel connection option to quickly make your magnetic LED track lighting work.


We believe that you have understood all about magnetic track lighting systems from the above discussion. We hope that from the above information, it becomes easier for you to install the same lights within your area.

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