How To Install Magnetic Track Lights?


With the popularity of the minimalist style, linear lighting has been more popular in recent years. Linear lighting fixtures can be used to match different decorations in different places. This can simplify color and shape while still meeting basic lighting requirements. It is very creative and trendy. The modern magnetic track lighting system combines all the linear LED lights and is becoming more popular as the times demand. It will likely replace traditional LED track lighting and conventional linear lamps in the future. LED magnetic track lights can be a better alternative to conventional lighting fixtures such as lamps and pendant lights in your home or business. This type of lighting can deliver more than you could ever imagine, with many unique benefits.

What is a magnetic track light?

The magnetic track lighting is used to ensure a reliable power supply connection. The magnetic attachment of the light group to the track makes loading and unloading more accessible and convenient. It also simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of the light. Magnetic light tracks can hold different LED lights so that they can be used for various purposes. It can be moved to any position without needing additional tools. There are many splicing options. This is the best option for home lighting, particularly smart dimmable magnetic track lights. The magnetic LED track lighting is low-voltage and doesn’t require a driver. This makes the track and lamps very simple and delicate. It is suitable for any size commercial or residential building.

The working principle of magnetic track light

A magnetic track light is a light that can be installed on a track. It adjusts the angle of illumination randomly. Many people believe that the sliding connection between the power supply box and the rail of traditional track lights is difficult to disassemble and manage. A magnetic connection structure was designed. This is where a magnet is placed in the power supply box, and an iron sheet is attached to the track to attract the magnet. The track pre-embedding eliminates the need for complex tools at the end of the Magnetic track light post-installation stage. Magnetic track lights can be combined with other lamp modules.

The type of magnetic track lights

There are four main types of magnetic track lights. They are spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights, and grille lights. You can use it for lighting accents to highlight buildings and objects, general lighting, or for ambient lighting to improve the ambiance of a space. You can choose from four different types of lamps to create a custom magnetic track lighting group.

1. LED magnetic spotlights

The beam angle of LED magnetic spotlights is limited, so they can only be used to illuminate one particular object or place. This beam spread is more concentrated and easier to direct. These LED spotlights can be used in sculptures, flower planting, art, or accent lighting. To adjust the light in a home, it is advisable to add a soft light lens.

2. LED magnetic pendant spotlights

Are you looking for LED magnetic pendant lights? Pendant lights are usually suspended using a simple chain or cord, and one hanging light at their terminal ends. The pendant light may have a few lights, but the suspension remains the same. This magnetic suspension LED light won’t take up much space in your house or office. This light is excellent for indoor and outdoor activities and is ideal for night lighting.

3. LED magnetic floodlights

The LED magnetic floodlights have a beam angle of more than 50 degrees. The scattering light range can’t focus on one object and is often combined with background and light source. More belongs to the environment to create a light source. It cannot guide the visual focus. They are used as high-intensity, broad-beamed artificial light that is bright enough to be visible in low-light conditions. It can also illuminate a larger area rather than a specific object or place.

4. LED magnetic linear grille lights

LED magnetic linear grille lights are also a common type. The light beam range of a magnetic linear grille light is between 20-40 degrees. Its light effect is a bit more subtle than the track spotlights. This can make the irradiated object have a strong visual impression but can not eat any of the lines and textures. A magnetic linear grille light can be used for painting, photography, plane art, and other purposes. It is possible to use it in any space, ceiling, or wall.

What are the benefits of magnetic track lighting?

The magnetic track lighting system is a revolutionary new type of lighting system that has been embraced by many people. Magnetic track lighting can adapt to many lighting styles. They also have a simple, fashionable design and strong technology sense. This allows for DIY lighting ideas. In addition to this, it has a number of other benefits.

  • It is easy to load and unload

It is essential to arrange the track light beforehand. The magnetic track lighting can then be fixed to the track or removed.

  • It can be matched to the luminaire as you wish

The magnetic track lighting can be used with many luminaires, including spotlights, grille lights, floodlights, and pendant lights. To maximize the effect, you can choose which fixtures you need to combine to suit different areas and people.

  • You can adjust the lighting angle to suit the needs

The magnetic track lamp’s light source can move along the track length and can be placed according to space requirements. Many lights can be adjusted in angles on the magnetic track light. You can also adjust the lighting angle to suit your needs, increasing flexibility in lighting design.

  • It is easy to maintain and clean

Maintaining and cleaning a light fixture can be a major headache, especially when it is firmly fixed. The magnetic track lighting will ease your worries. If cleaning lamps fail to be done, you can remove the lights for further processing.

  • Good safety

The majority of magnetic track lights use DC24V, DC36V, or DC48V low-voltage design. Even if the track has been energized, the installation will not pose a danger of touching.

Applications of magnetic track lights

Track lights were first used for commercial lighting in places like clothing shops, jewelry stores, and exhibition halls. It is becoming more popular among young people due to its stylish appearance, flexibility, and ease of loading and unloading. The development of sophisticated track lighting and magnetic track lights has broken down the restrictions of previous occasions for track light installation. They are now available at all times, including commercial hotel occasions. In addition to commercial lighting, these magnetic track lights can also be used in homes and residences by designers.

How to install magnetic track lights?

If you select suitable options, installing magnetic track lighting is easy. Here are some simple magnetic track light installation options for you.


1. Recessed installation

Recessed magnetic track lighting is the most popular method of installing magnetic track lights. Make a hole in the location where the lamp will be installed, and then attach the track to the base. This installation is ideal for new buildings because it is easy and simple.

2. Suspension installation

The balance of forces must be taken into consideration when installing magnetic track lighting onto suspension cables. The main options are either LED floodlights or LED grille spotlights. The hanging wire magnetic track lamp is popular among young people because it can be adjusted in height to suit different scenes.

3. Surface mounted installation

Surface mount magnetic track lighting is done by adding lighting to the track and not cutting the roof surface.

4. Ceiling installation

Ceiling installation can be used in areas where there is no track groove or ceiling. This is the easiest and most popular method for installing track lighting. This method is easy to use and cost-effective.

A word of caution, magnetic track lighting should be purchased with care. Choosing a track with strong suction is essential to avoid lamp failure due to inadequate track suction. In addition to the suction, it is vital to check the installation. The installation of magnetic track lighting should be smooth. If it isn’t, it can affect the user experience.


Magnetic track lighting can be an excellent way for indoor lighting in both professional and personal settings. Users can make adjustments to the room lighting without having to cut into the roof. Track lighting can also be ordered in a variety of sizes and designs. They are perfect for any room. We hope you find this article helpful and that it helps you select the proper lighting for your next indoor construction project.
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