How To Change Track Light Bulbs?


LED track lights are very common nowadays. You must have seen them in this topic in homes, offices, food courts, etc. We will discuss how to change track light bulbs. Let’s begin with the topic.

When to change bulbs in the track light?

Light is great until and unless it produces an excellent luminance. You don’t need to do anything with it. However, it has limitations for certain periods, let’s suppose a hundred or thousands of hours. After usage, it slightly starts dimming its luminance. After it works for a certain definite period, it gets fused! Now, what to do? Call a technician or change track lighting bulbs yourself. This article is all about replacing track lights. By following the steps, you will clearly understand the trick and tips to change the bulbs.
There are two general reasons why your lighting bulb is malfunctioning or stopped working. One claims that the fixture of the LED track light is broken. Or you need to hire repair services. However, the second reason is a bit easier to tackle, which is to replace the bulbs. Buying a new fixture is costly, but purchasing a bulb isn’t.

How to change track light bulbs?

led track light bulbs

Here are some steps you shall follow how to replace track lighting bulbs.
When the bulb fuses out, before changing track lighting bulbs, you must know which type of bulb was previously installed. You can’t just replace it with any bulb. That’s because every bulb is different in terms of holder or fixture, pin configuration, etc. thus, read this article for how to change light bulb in track lighting. It will make things easier for you to understand.
Before stepping ahead to the bulb replacement, follow some safety protocols. That’s because the bulb is too hot and can burn your hand. Therefore, wear gloves and make sure the electricity supply button is powered off. Otherwise, you might get a shock from it. So follow the instructions on changing bulbs in track lighting carefully.

Tools required for how to change LED track light bulb

The list of tools required for the bulbs includes the following:

  • A ladder
  • A new bulb
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter, if necessary

A step to step guide for how to change a bulb in track lighting?

how to replace track light bulb

The process of how to change track light bulbs is challenging. But if you properly follow the instructions, then you can easily be successful in it. A little patience is required initially. But when you become an expert in the replacement of bulbs, you can easily perform the job within no time. Also, it’s fun when you perform stuff like that independently, without assistance from the technicians or electricians. Let’s start the procedure.

Power off the electricity supply for the lighting

As a precautionary measure, power off the electricity supply connected to the lighting. When you have done that, move to the next step.

Reach for the bulb with the help of a ladder

Make sure your hand gets easy access to the bulb.

Removing the broken or fused bulb

How to remove bulbs from track lighting? Remove the bulbs by putting pressure on the fixture a depressing it. You might have to press the fixture back to take the bulb out. Now, all instructions depend upon the type of fixture bulb installed. Afterward, with the twisting action, turn the bulb’s base in an anti-clockwise direction and then release it. The bulb gets removed from its track.
If the number of fused bulbs is more than one, then removing them is better. One more thing, stand stable on the ladder with complete balance. Otherwise, there could be more chances for you to encounter accidents from it.

Disconnect the old bulb wiring

After removing track lighting bulbs, you shall cut its wiring for discontinuation. You will come across two wires in it that join the bulb head. With the help of a screwdriver, you have to loosen the tight wires. Similarly, perform this step with carefulness. It shouldn’t cause wire damage.

Fix the new bulb

The last step of how to change track light bulbs includes fixing a new bulb. The bulb contains a pin configuration. So in the direction of the connectors present in the fixture, install the bulb. Make sure you fix it in the right direction. A little twisting is fixing them upright.

Power on the bulb

When you are confident that the bulb is perfectly fixed, step down the ladder—power on the bulb from the main power socket. If the bulb glows, wow, you did a perfect job!
You shall take the bulb to a technician if the light is not working. They would tell you if the bulb is working right or not. Or sometimes, the problem is in its fixture. The contacts of the fixture might be loose, which is why it might not be working—hoping that you get a better understanding of how to change track light bulbs.

Follow the advice

By following the advice for how to change bulbs in track lighting, you can achieve the best results. If you are still looking for the right measurements, use a measuring tape and market. Before going to the market for the same bulb for the fixture, take the measurements along. Then, you would easily find the required bulb size. Similarly, if the problem is with the fixture, you can find a similar one too.
The choice of lights is necessary. For example, sometimes you will want white light or sometimes warm light. Then, you shall take the change track lighting bulb in the market. Ask for the different colors you could get in it. The size of the bulb remains the same, only the color changes.

What made you choose the LED track lights?

led track lights

If we consider the installation of track lights, the best option is to do with LED lights. That’s because the process for how to change a track light bulb is more straightforward. Also, light could serve many purposes. You could include it in your kitchen, studio, bedrooms, and decorations. Unlike the other lights, track lights could run for a long duration. Hence, you have to provide it with fewer replacements. So you will come across less search for how to replace track light bulbs. LED bulbs’ quality is intact as manufacturers design these with high-quality materials. With them, you will enjoy their long-term benefits.


Take certain precautions when replacing track light bulbs. Changing the bulbs is relatively easy. By following the steps above on how to change bulbs in track lighting, you can get successful in the job.

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